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INFORMATION about specific local crimes is no longer reported regularly through Neighbourhood Watch so we are asking residents to inform us if they become victims or crime or if they know of any local incidents. We’ll then post this information to Facebook to warn the community to be on the alert and perhaps even lead to the culprit being apprehended. We will not include specific addresses.

If you have have information about any crimes in the Sandal area you are also asked to call the Wakefield Rural Neighbourhood Policing Team (NPT) on 01924 292384 or use the 101 service

For more information about local crime appeals and crime prevention, visit the NPT on the West Yorkshire police website. As well as Sandal, the team covers Agbrigg, Crigglestone, Crofton, Durkar, Kettlethorpe, Middlestown, Netherton, Newmillerdam, Walton and Woolley.

West Yorkshire Police and Wakefield Rural NPT have Facebook pages and the NPT's Twitter account will also help to keep you up to date. 

Neighbourhood Watch

Neighbourhood Policing Team and NHW newsletters, now distributed fortnightly, will be posted here as we receive them. Click to access the appropriate pdf.

Note: TFMV = Taking from motor vehicle   TOMV = Taking of motor vehicle


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