INGHAM: Mary (and Jack)

Died 20 March 2012, aged 87: Mary Wright Ingham was well known for the three books that she wrote about Sandal with co-author Brenda Andrassy. The first of these, Sandal MagnaA Yorkshire Parish and its People, was published in 1978 following seven years’ research into St Helen’s church records. It proved so popular it went into a second edition the following year. In their introduction, Mary and Brenda wrote: ‘The parish has changed more in the last thirty years than at any other time, The quiet village and surrounding countryside have become more accessible to the many car owners, resulting in vast house building projects such as those at Kettlethorpe, Woolgreaves, Walton Lane across to Chevet and Pledwick – sprawling Suburbia! Even in our own schooldays, one could play marbles along the edge of the pavement down Barnsley Road. Today the interminable traffic drones ceaselessly, and the walk along the road to Newmillerdam is no longer looked upon with delight... The two of them went on to write Sandal – Another Look Back in 1983 and Sandal MagnaPoverty and Prosperity in the 19th Century in 1988.

Mary married milkman Jack Ingham (pictured) and they lived on Barnsley Road, near Busy Corner, until the two of them moved to Carr Gate Nursing Home, where Mary died. Jack, also a well known local character, predeceased her by some years. The funeral was conducted by the Rev Dr John Walker at St Helen’s Church on 28 March 2012, followed by cremation.

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