COLE: Andrew

Died November 2011, aged 67: Andrew Cole was a godson of author and poet Hilaire Belloc.  Sussex-born Andrew lived with his family on Mountbatten Avenue, Sandal. He received a grammar school education at Horsham, West Sussex, and left at 16 to go to an apprentices’ college at Harrogate. Two years later he joined the army’s Royal Signals and was posted to NATO headquarters in Europe for three years. He met his wife, Viv, in Germany in 1968 before being given another NATO posting in Norway, where he worked in the depths of a mountain.

After leaving the army in 1973 and moving back to England – and before beginning teacher training at Doncaster – he taught for a while at the apprentices’ college where he had trained. He later taught at SnapethorpeSchool, Wakefield, MoortopSchool for maladjusted boys, and FelkirkSchool. He spent 12 years in teaching before leaving in search of better pay with the Commercial Union Insurance Co in Sheffield, for whom he was a branch manager until 1997. He then went into the printing industry at Priory Press in Mirfield and later moved to a company known as 24/7, where he hired drivers for major companies.

He was president of the Rotary Club of Wakefield and under his leadership the club donated £5,200 to the South-East Tsunami Appeal. It was also the year of the Rotary International Centenary project involving the restoration of Charles Waterton’s Victorian stone-built bird hide at Walton. The crowded service at Wakefield Crematorium Chapel was conducted by Canon Roger Cressey, an honorary member of the Rotary club,

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