Died Monday, 1 October 2012, aged 88: Betty Henderson, of Sandal, was Wakefield’s mayoress in 1967 when her widowed father, Harry Stead, was mayor. She herself was the widow of Claude Henderson when she died following pneumonia. During the Second World War she worked on secretarial duties, first in Edinburgh, then in Nottingham. Most of her working life was, however, spent as secretary to the managing director of Rawson’s Carpets in Wakefield. She was 46 years with Rawson’s, whose managing director, Herbert Rawson, said: “She was totally loyal to the company in every way you can possibly think of. She has helped a great deal in the success of the company.” She spent her early years at the family home at Manygates Lodge, Castle Grove Park, later living in Manygates Lane.

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