Died 18 February 2013, aged 95:  Former ward councillor and city magistrate Betty Senior, of Barleywood House, Sandal, who sat on the Wakefield Bench for 25 years, died peacefully in her sleep. She kept a record of her civic engagements and even summed up her aims: ‘My motto has always been service and I hope I have given that to the people of Wakefield.’ Her grandfather was mayor of Wakefield in 1890 and her mother Fanny Stott, was the city’s first woman mayor. Betty was elected to the City Council in 1960 and it was expected she would follow as mayor in 1973, but this failed to happen after changes in local government. She sat as a magistrate and in the youth courts from 1962 to 1987 and she also did voluntary work for the blind and the deaf. Betty was mother to Richard Senior and her late daughter, Paddy. She had one grandchild. The funeral was at Wakefield Crematorium on February 28 and donations were to the Alzheimer's Society.



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