Died 26 May 2007, aged 78: Eileen Stevens, who died at Pinderfields Hospital, lived in South Drive, Sandal, but had taught at Alverthorpe, Wrenthorpe, Waterton and Green Hill schools. She was also a branch secretary for the teachers’ union ALT for more than 20 years. Husband John told the Wakefield Express: “A lot of them remembered her and would stop her in the street in Wakefield with their own children or grandchildren in a pram.” They were married in Somerset but moved to the district in 1964 when Mr Stevens got a job in Barnsley. After retiring, she was an active volunteer, giving up her time for National Children’s Homes and UNICEF. The funeral was held at Sandal Methodist Church. Mr Stevens said: “I have never attended a funeral service with so much laughter. It was a wonderful celebration of the life of a very special lady.” She left three children and five grandchildren.

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