BARTLETT: Kenneth Smith

Died September 2004, aged 72: Kenneth Smith Bartlett spent more than 40 years researching and writing about local history. During the 1960s he began to take a keen interest in local history and joined the Yorkshire Archaeological Society. As a result, he was heavily involved in the excavation dig at Sandal Castle. Born in Flanshaw in 1932, he settled in Horbury soon after leaving the RAF in 1955. He became the leader of the Wakefield Archaeological Research group and carried out numerous research projects. He wrote more than 20 books and collaborated with local historians Marion Marshall and David Michelmore on other published projects.

Fellow historian and author Keith Lister paid tribute to Mr Bartlett: “He was a self-effacing man who was always willing to share his passion for history. His self-taught knowledge of Latin and old English was a valuable asset.” Mr Bartlett worked as a telegraph 'lad' at Westgate South Signal box before joining the RAF in 1951 as an armament mechanic, serving in Lincolnshire and the Middle East. He worked for more than 27 years as a postman in Middlestown

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