July-December 2006

Club makes the right moves

WAKEFIELD Rotary Club vocational committee chairman Roland Mold, from Attlee Crescent, and Sandal Magna Junior and Infants School featured together in two successive editions of their local paper.  In the first, Roland was pictured by the Wakefield Express with two of the school's students involved with Rotary in the Right to Read programme, which was highlighted as part of the newspaper's campaign to boost reading skills throughout its circulation area. The following week he was photographed with two other pupils who had become members of the chess club he helped to launch at the school with chess sets provided by Rotary. The report explained that a similar initiative had been set up by a Rotary club at Richmond, Surrey, which had given Rotarians in Wakefield a hundred chess sets to mount their own project. Roland said: "This scheme has actually become an international one now and we are the first club in Yorkshire to do this.  "Chess teaches the importance of preparation and concentration and is the ultimate exercise in problem solving. The children have been great and are very keen." 

Sandal battle is re-fought

HISTORY re-enactors gathered at Sandal Castle in December to recreate a famous fatal scene to commemorate the 564th anniversary of the Battle of Wakefield. The disputed King of England, Richard Duke of York, was slaughtered once again as he marched to face opposing Lancastrian forces. To mark the anniversary of the battle, history re-enactors recreated the moment during the Wars of the Roses when the Duke of York and his 17-year-old son Edmund, Earl of Rutland, were killed. Members of the Towton Battlefield Society and the Richard III Society, Yorkshire Branch, dressed in period costume and marched to the monument to start the full day of events at the castle.

Helen Cox helped organise the event, which was attended by more than 500 people. She said: "The day went extremely well. We had 14 people taking part in the re-enactment of the slaying of the Earl which rounded off the day. Inside the castle grounds there were demonstrations of archery and sword displays plus costumes, crafts, cookery and music. Children also had the chance to join in with re-enactors from both Yorkist and Lancastrian households.


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