January-June 2013


FOLLOWING the Community Association’s annual general meeting on 26 June 2013, Nicola Lingard, owner of Café 43 on Standbridge Lane, spoke about the challenges of setting up a small business in Sandal."Planning was a battle, but we got there in the end,” she said. Two years on and the café is a well-established and popular meeting place – and it all began with Nicola making cup cakes at home. Now she has a thriving business which includes supplying cakes to a Leeds coffee shop on a daily basis.Our picture shows Nicola (right) with Association chair Gail Stephenson. Gail reported on another successful year at the AGM at West Yorkshire Sports and Social Club. She highlighted the achievements of the Gardening Club, which was doing well, and said its activities were evident in the area. Sandal Social Singles, a new group for single people inaugurated by the SCA, began with a launch meeting attended by 22 people. As a result, the name has been shortened to Singles 22 and the group is already planning a busy programme of activities.  For Gail’s full report, go to Gail's Report   Treasurer Les Goddard reported on what he described as a strong financial position, helped in the past year by grants from the Community Chest. Although Gail will be stepping down from the chair, the committee was re-elected en bloc with the addition of Christine Watson and Ian Flint. The treasurer’s report can be read in full here  

Sandal’s singles’ group gets off to a good start

THE Community Association’s new Sandal Social Singles group was formed in June 2013 with a membership of 22 (hence the name Singles 22). Since then another member has joined and we hope it will continue to grow. The idea is for single people to enjoy social occasions together in the company of likeminded people. replica louis vuitton handbags So far members have been out for meals, to the cinema, the Hepworth Gallery and to an open air concert. Organiser Jean Chaplin said: “I would like the group to support local events where possible and would ask SCA members who are involved in other groups to let me know about any social events they think would be of interest to us.” Jean’s number is 01924 257810, or email socsingles22@gmail.com. 

Worried residents flock to see sports club housing plan

Club signTHE CONSULTATION event concerning the development of housing on the West Yorkshire Sports and Social Club site, held on Thursday 18 April 2013 at Sandal Endowed School, was attended by large numbers of residents who were able to register comments and view plans. The main areas of concern are:

Traffic and access issues: The plan is to build 216 houses on the site off Walton Lane, each with parking for two vehicles. However, the highways formula estimates just over 100 cars will be using the access roads, all at different times and the overall impact, we are told, will not be that great. The priorities at the Barnsley Road junction traffic lights will be modified. Sandal Community Association believes that insufficient consideration is being given to the actual impact on this already busy road and junction and we would urge members to make comment to the council

Loss of community and sports facilities: The current club house is in regular use by Sandal groups for meetings and classes both during the day and the evening.  Without this facility Sandal will have no access to meeting space; existing facilities are already oversubscribed.  This will mean residents will have to travel outside Sandal to undertake activities.   Questions were raised about what social and community facilities are proposed for the Sandal area to replace the loss of the existing community facilities provided by the WYSSC. Suggestions include the building of a meeting room facility or village hall.

Drainage and flooding issues: Currently this green space provides not just sports facilities. It also acts as valuable soak away land. Covering this with hard standing and houses will exacerbate the problems experienced with the change of climate and increased rainfall in recent year.

Capacity of local schools: With the closure of Castle Grove School and the increasing school age population, Sandal Endowed School (pictured below) is close to exceeding its capacity.  An extra 200-plus family homes in the area will put further pressure on not only the school but also on the already dangerous access on Barnsley Road during school opening and closing times.

Three Houses open for business again

THE THREE HOUSES pub, severely damaged in January 2013 as a result of a fire caused by a fault in the pub’s wiring, opened for business again on June 17. A full refurbishment has been done painstakingly, ensuring the retention of as many of the 17th century building’s original features as possible. During the work, a low door and beam were revealed, probably for the first time in 200 years. These have now been incorporated into the design of the pub .Co-owner Christian Hazell told the SCA: “It's been a long slow refurb due to the Grade Two listed status of the building. This is the longest the pub has been closed since its records began back in the 1600s.  We are all very proud and delighted with the finished works.” Renovation of the kitchen was completed in time for a new menu launchi on June 28.

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